Vesoul to Troyes 225km

Vesoul to Troyes 225km

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What a day … the longest ride I’ve ever completed in probably the toughest conditions. Crosswinds , headwinds and torrential rain throughout made the ride hugely difficult even though there was only a peppering of climbs.

We spent 9 hours cycling through what has to be said was some very bland countryside until we entered the Champagne region, an area full of vineyards, thoughnot much enthusiasm to stop and admire the views due to the heavy rain.

A lot of riders (including me) in the group were starting to feel tired, with over 1000 km of riding already… the good news …. there is none !! Tomorrow same distance, into more headwinds so a ride of attrition appears to be on the cards.

All that said,the banter and chat in the groups is always good…and riders always willing to help other riders struggling.

Nit many highlights today, Charles de Gaulles cemetery ..?? Kind of sums up the day really.

  • Brian/Sandra June 29, 2017 at 9:20 pm

    Sounds like the toughest day so far young un….it could be worse though ….at least you didn’t have the Ryals to contend with …!!!!
    Well done though another stage completed….3 more stages and then a well earned rest day to look forward to …Scran looks canny by the way …keep working hard young un…good luck tomorrow.

  • charlotte June 30, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Keep going Dad … scenery looks amazing! So proud of you xxx

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