Worst day ever on a bike ?? Stage 8 Dole to Station des Rousses 197kmes

Worst day ever on a bike ?? Stage 8 Dole to Station des Rousses 197kmes

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The worst day ever on a bike ?? ??

Im writing this 2 days after the ride due to late finishes early starts transfer oh and tiredness, but I can still have those painful feelings from this ride.

The start was from a lovely town called Dole where we transferred at 6.30am from our previous nights stop over. It was overcast when we arrived… however within 15 minutes of straying the ride the heavens opened.

It was constant, a mix between light and torrential downpours and at to that this was the first real climbing day it was torturous.

There were a number of casualties, riders who simply were to cold to continue and were packed in the back of the support vans wrapped in foil waiting for a lift back to the hotel.

It was a real shame as the views from the mountains would of been spectacular on another day, instead it was a real focus just to concentrate on what you had to do as all your cycling gear was drenched. Add to that riders were given an option to due a shorter route, reducing the ride by 40km, and as we set off from feedstation 3 I left with a group of 4 other riders not realising that they were doing the shorter route. I ask one of the guys when the split in routes was and he said we split 4km ago… Damn !! For a moment I thought of continuing, only for a moment , I turned my bike and headed back to find the longer route. It was only an extra 8km but it seemed a hell of a lot  longer and I had to ride the next 2 hours on my own cold wet and wondering had a done the right thing … not a good place to be at the time.

Finally arrived still raining to the ski resort of Stauin des Rousses, not much about on a cold wet evening.

Shower, food and bed and trying to get warmth back into me. Yes it was the worst day ever on a bike !!


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  • Angela Randle July 3, 2017 at 6:47 pm

    You have to have bad days to appreciate the good ones. You did it and many would have given up. So proud of you and I know you will have some great rides to come . Xx

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