Stage 21 …Cruise into Paris

Stage 21 …Cruise into Paris

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Well I’ve just completed every single stage and every single inch of the 2017 TDF…. what an amazing feeling and sense of pride.

A mere 60 mile ride into Paris punctuated with stops at Versailles and the Eiffel Tower, Angela,  Charlotte and Jess were waiting at The Eiffel Tower with a chilled bottle of Dom Perignom … absolutely prefect ……then a charge through Paris to a lap of the Champ elysees… the infamous finish to every single TDF…

Absolute elation at the end of nearly 2350 miles and climbing mountain ranges throughout France.

I intend to write a bit more in summary of the whole experience… but for now its more champagne and a cruise down the Seine and try to take in this truly incredible experience.

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