Stage 11 Eymet to Pau 200km Flat

Stage 11 Eymet to Pau 200km Flat

576 1024 Gerard O'Connor
  • Having to leave the chateau at 6am was hugely disappointing, but we had a 60 minute transfer to our next start stage Eymet.

A little tender after 11 days in the saddle, your were right Mam, I’ve become to rely heavily on my best friend on tour, chamois butter ?

This is another flat stage, but again with the really hot conditions the ride was going to be quick and very draining.

So it proved, mike after mile on long straight roads which stretched out for an eternity. The last 2 stages I felt would recovery stages but the extreme heat and fast pace made them a big challenge.

The open fields are filled with sunflowers and we passed umpteen vineyards, churches and chateaus which broke the monotony of looking  at the bike wheel of your co rider up front !!

One thing that is hugely apparent is that these beautiful little French towns are deserted, there are cafes bars and food stops in these places but there is no sign of any inhabitants.

As we rolled mile after mile, we all seemed to be in a rush to get to the finish, we saw tomorrow’s challenge on the horizon, the Pyrenees, we almost slowed down as the scale of the mountains appeared in front of us. No more flats no more quick rides (for the next few days) a real mountain test awaits us.

Something else that is clear during the daily rides is you are always planning the next stage in your head…and the looming mountains certainly will be met with some caution.

  • Brian /Sandra July 5, 2017 at 9:28 pm

    Sounds like the last couple of rides have ‘almost’ been enjoyable young un…
    ..although tomorrow looks like the complete opposite….climbing mountains ….not hills…but at least you have completed over half challenge now….keep going fella and good luck tomorrow !!!!!

  • Angela Randle July 6, 2017 at 8:47 am

    Photos look lovely, some great scenery.

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