Pau to Peregudus 222km Welcome to the Pyrenees

Pau to Peregudus 222km Welcome to the Pyrenees

576 1024 Gerard O'Connor

Today was always going to be a real test, a combination of 6 catergorised climbs and 1 HC climb ( you know how difficult that is if you’ve been paying attention) and  total mileage of in excess of 135miles.

The first 60 miles was a little uneventful thankfully, as we skirted around the foothills of the Pyrenees occasionally daring to look up at what was ahead of us.

The second half of the day was a brute, as the warm conditions and miles started to its tole, we were welcomed to the Pyrenees with some hugely difficult climbs.

They were long steep but bizarrely attractive mainly tree lined until you popped out onto a hairpin to see spectacular views of the mountains.

The day was peppered with one climb after another and it became a mental challenge as well as physical as the day wore on.

There was stories of riders calling it a day further back as conditions and climbs proved to much.

After 10 hours the longest I’ve ever been on a bike I arrived weary at the ski resort of Peregudus. All the ski resorts in the past I’ve arrived on a  bus … much easier!!

Quick massage shower then dinner then you try and get some sleep for the next day… whatcha starts with a 2 hour coach trip to Saint Girons.

Talk about heros … I certainly felt a great sense of achievement, they seem to rack up one after the other, however I learnt that some riders were out until 11pm … now that is committed  Just as a footnote ..we climbed nearly 17000 feet today … that’s nearly 2/3rds of Mount Everest in a day …Not bad eh ?.


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  • Tony Hodgson July 8, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    Hi Gerard,

    Very good blog. The Pyrenean stages are different ones to those I’ve done. Thank goodness you’re not doing them all! You seem to be doing really well and looks like body and mind are holding up. Have you punctured yet?!

    Best wishes,
    Tony (Coach)

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