Nantua to Chambery 188km …The toughest day so far ??

Nantua to Chambery 188km …The toughest day so far ??

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Is this the toughest stage of the tour ??

Three of the most feared climbs of the whole tour were in today’s stage.

Col de la Biche, Grand Colombier and Mont du Chat all uncatergatised climbs due to their severity. Climbs are rated 1 to 4 depending on their difficulty all three of these climbs  are uncategorised as they are considered so difficult.

In order Col de la Biche rides for 20km at an average gradient of 7%, nice to get the legs warmed up first thing ?,

Gran Colombier is a monster… a brute of a climb, 10km at average of 10%, it rises to a wall of 20% for a kilometre in the middle , the steepest mountain so far of the tour.

Mont du Chat is just their to finish you off !!

Another 10km of climbing at an average of 11% at the end of a gruelling day.

I felt the biggest sense of achievement so far as I rolled in some 9 hours after starting. The hardest day so far after the worst day ever of riding, 2 differing back to back days.

The day had more casualties with injuries to a number of riders and some simply finding the climbs to much and calling it a day or early or taking a easier route to avoid the monster! not a bad idea for some guys considering there are still another 12 days of riding …Geez !!

The weather was kinder today and some of the views were spectacular from the very top of the  mountains.

On a technical note my front carbon wheel  delaminated (buckled) on a descent which had I continued on it could of had pretty serious consequences.. A quick change of wheel by the mechanics got me back in the saddle and a lot safer !

Hotel was great and riders were in good spirits as tomorrow is a rest day.!! Never have I looked forward to a 6 hour transfer on a bus so much ?

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