La Mure to Serre Chevelier 202km The Alps

La Mure to Serre Chevelier 202km The Alps

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One of the toughest stages of the whole tour as we made our way back to the Alps.

2 HC climbs (uncategorised) a Cat1 and a cat3 meant this day had over 18000 feet of climbing in one day …that’s well on the way to climbing Everest!!

warm conditions at the start of the day for the Cat 1 climb as the beauty of the Alps became apparent as light clouds lay in the valley as we cycled above the clouds.

All very scenic but there was setious work to be done over the day, Colde Fer, col de telegraph and the Galibier are well renowned climbs in the tour over the years and together meant we had in excess of 40 km of ascending at some gradients of 12%.

This stage on its own would prove difficult,with now nearly 2000 miles in the legs it was proving all of that as we are into the climbs, when the climbs are so long and steep you end up riding on your own as you’re able to ride at your own rythem and pace. as the day wore on the temperatures rose which made climbing extremely hot and sweaty, and I was desperate for any slight cloud cover or shaded area by trees as we climbed.

This time I really couldn’t take in the breathtaking views, I needed all my focus to grind a tempo to get me to the top.

The reward 30 km of downhill with a tail wind .. exhilarating and scary as I sped through the switch backs and eventually onto straight roads at break kneck speeds … the hard work was worth it …

Day 1 of 2 in the Alps … tomorrow sees another big day with huge climbs … Focus on completing that stage and the light is certainly there to see for Paris… however not too complacent… there is more work to be done.

Another bit of good news .. 2 nights in the same hotel .. result ..

food and rooms are perfect ??

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